Dagon MIR Natural Healthcare has been developing and producing the Aspera natural health care and Africa’s Secret skin care ranges since 2002. These are thoroughly researched and tested natural therapeutic and wellness ranges that are based on quantum holistic principles and standards. We offer concerned and discerning persons lasting healthcare solutions that are both safe and effective, being free from toxins and harsh synthetic chemicals.

All active ingredients are natural, proven over hundreds and in some cases thousands of years to be effective. Our products are free from harmful components such as petrochemicals, xenoestrogens, parabens, toxins, alcohols, colourants, flavourants, parfums (petrochemical derivatives), or other substances which react to form harmful compounds on the skin or within the body.

The Aspera range of products is carefully and holistically designed to relieve the symptoms and causes of many common and more serious ailments. Intensive research has gone into the selection and sourcing of the very best medicinal plants and natural substances to include in this range of health maintenance and repair products. Add to this the incredible properties of trademark phytobotanical ingredients, created by Dagon MIR as the cornerstone of each and every ingestible product in the range, and you have a potent natural aid in dealing with ailments and supporting good health, without the side-effects often associated with conventional medicines.

Pt1 Phytobotanicals

A highly active anti-viral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory compound. It has been proven to be effective against a broad spectrum of microbial infections, including hospital-acquired multi-drug resistant bacteria, pneumonias, viruses, tuberculosis, and has shown usefulness in restoring health in AIDS patients. It produces destination rx no harmful side-effects, and no drug resistance.

Pt2 Phytobotanicals

A profoundly effective DNA-enhancer, longevity enhancer, and immune-system restorative elixir. It has also demonstrated usefulness in restoring nerve and brain tissue health and functionality. It appears to play an instrumental role in correcting defective DNA in degenerative diseases, notably in cancers – ostensibly normalising the cell function.

Pt3 Quantum Mineral Base

A combination of Pt2 Phytobotanicals and bio-available, natural minerals which aids the metabolism and bone marrow and helps to compensate for today’s mineral deficient diets.

Registration applications for all of our products have been lodged with the Medicines Control Council of South Africa, and we comply with all legislation and registration requirements governing manufacture and sale of complimentary and herbal medicines or foods.