First Aid for Burns


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First Aid for Burns provides potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. It is a natural herbal and mineral gel formulated to reduce burn damage when applied immediately after injury, by limiting the penetrating effect of heat in the tissues. Rapidly alleviates pain immediately after burn injury and protects the burn wounds from infection.

This gel promotes healthy recovery from burn and skin injuries, helps prevent burn wounds from becoming infected, and greatly reduces scarring.

Useful support for:                    

  • First Aid treatment for minor to moderate burn injuries
  • Burn wounds – recent injuries
  • Burn wounds – infected older wounds
  • Open & Surgical Wounds – both current as well as older infected wounds
  • Dermatitis, skin rashes, allergic reactions

Recommended usage: Apply directly onto affected areas after rinsing the wound with lukewarm clean water. Can be safely applied every fifteen minutes without the need to wash off, until some level of comfort is restored. Thereafter, apply three times daily until good healing has been achieved.

No debriding of the wounds is needed between application.

Bottle sizes: 50ml spray, 125ml spray, 250ml flip cap